Comment: Bob and Bill stumble on a bear. How fast does Bob have to be?

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Bob and Bill stumble on a bear. How fast does Bob have to be?

This is an old economic joke explaining a simple concept:

Bob doesn't have to be faster than the bear. Bob has to be faster than Bill.

By doing QE3, indeed they are raising inflation and other nasty things. But they are also making sure the bear (depression, upheaval, etc.) only catches Europe and other parts of the world.

To be sure, there is a global financial system controlled by an oligarchy; however, they are protecting the United States of America. The USA simply is WAY too big to fail.

The USA is the core of Western infrastructure: military, justice, education, technology, religion, media. Plus, its people have been trained to be the most patriotic and productive workforce that ever existed on such a big scale.

Sorry conspiracy folk. The US dollar will not implode. The sky will not fall. At least, not as long as there isn't something to replace the USA, which won't happen in our lifetime.


However, certain things WILL change. The US market is quite saturated, thus, business growth will come from emerging markets in foreign lands. Thus, you will either be part of the effort to maintain the US saturation (which will be under constant scutiny to become more efficient, see WalMart) or out run it.

Efforts to increase efficiency in the "WalMart" work place (nearly every US business and profession) will pinch workers in every way. We are feeling this already. It is already producing lots of frustration in the workforce as the bear rips into their salary, their 401Ks, their free time, etc...leading to conspiracy theories, occupy movement, etc. This frustration will only increase.

How to avoid it? Per the bear metaphor, you have to outrun the WalMart work lifestyle:

-make money off of the frustration and hopelessness (politics [including political boards], pop psychologists, religion, get rich quick [lotto, gold, stock market], stress-relief products, etc.)

-be an efficiency consultant

-be part of the pioneering lifestyle in emerging markets


Lesson: Don't be the one left behind.