Comment: help Gary Johnson keep the Liberty Movement alive

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help Gary Johnson keep the Liberty Movement alive

I actively support scenario-3 ... promoting Gary Johnson now is a win-win for Ron Paul supporters who want to keep the Liberty Movement alive.

Scenario-3 QUOTE "Now let’s assume that everyone votes Johnson as listed in scenario 3. The Libertarian movement looks like a serious movement. R-37.5%, D-37.5%, L-25%. The Libertarians are now in the game.

Now let’s assume that this election cycle that 30% of the Republican and Democrats agree with many Libertarians stances, but won’t vote because they believe the Libertarians can’t win. This is what many polls across the country have suggested and I believe this to be true. But if the Libertarians no longer look like a fringe party and people see the movement growing, then just maybe half of these people will change their mind and vote Libertarian in 2016. Let’s assume that happens and only 15% of Republicans and Democrats decide to vote Libertarian. I rounded my numbers off, but according to my calculations it now gives us the following in 2016:

Republicans 32%
Democrats 32%
Libertarians 36%

As you can see, we would then have a Libertarian in the White House. My conclusion is that if we all vote Gary Johnson we can get a Libertarian in the White House in 2016."