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Comment: I'll make you sick with this then...

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I'll make you sick with this then...

Well then I'd probably make you sick to know that not only did I get mine for free, but I also got paid $1400 to build the thing too.

** It's not really mine. Some guy, who was the boss of my neighbours (now ex) wife and who I no longer live next to, hired me to build the bot. I've had the thing over 2 years now and it took me about a year and a half to get it printing very well. I took it to him once, but due to issues he gave it back to me to work on. That was like a year ago now. I've made MULTIPLE attempts to give the thing back to him, but he never returns my calls and when he returns my emails he just tells me he will call me next week -- but never does.

Ah how life must be nice when you live in a multi-million dollar penthouse suite (literally, you go to his building and you push the PH button in the elevator. The elevator opens up right into the center of his house {he also shares his building with Denver Nuggets players and they don't even have as plush as a place as him}) and can afford to drive around in a $170K Maserati.

Not really trying to gloat or anything. I'm just as baffled at being given basically $2500 from some stranger as anyone else would be.

Regardless, I enjoy that printer. :-)