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Comment: Taxes and prison we're talking about now lol

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Taxes and prison we're talking about now lol

You're a goof dude.

You can say whatever you like pumpkin but that doesn't make it true. Many times now I've said I wouldn't cause anyone to lose their natural rights yet you still try to paint me as someone who would do so because I have an opinion that you might not deserve Liberty.

You're the one who seems not to be able to tell reality from fantasyland. Since I've pointed out that I wouldn't do so to anyone and you've yet to catch on, that would in fact be a hint to your idiot status.. An intellectual idiot btw THINKS he's got it figured out when he doesn't.. He pretends to be smart even going on about how much he or she might know as you have done. You felt the need to say that you were very versed in history... Usually people don't do that unless they're lying while trying to convince themselves or others of the falsity.

I can tell by the way you've yet to "teach" me by quoting anything in history about the Founding Fathers.. All you've done is deny things but have offered up nothing to back up your beliefs.. When asked to do so you say "I don't need to do that" or something to that effect.. That's called deflecting.

So keep yapping.

Edit: Why did you bring up Thomas Jefferson specifically earlier?

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