Comment: "I have identified the number of traitors within our movement"

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"I have identified the number of traitors within our movement"

"Jack "SouthernAvenger" hunter is on the YAL board. Because he made an argument that Rand supporting Romney was a sensible political move, he is a traitor. Therefore YAL are a pack of traitors.

Rand Paul is supporting Romney. Traitor.

Luke Rudowski has been accused of using WeAreChange donations to pay his college tuittion.He is a traitor.This also makes WeAreChange traitors.

Alex Jones is buddies with Wester Tarpley, who has attacked Ron Paul.He is a traitor.

TMOT supports israel. Traitor.

Julie Borowski is a social conservative.Traitor.

Adam Kokesh attacked the Ron Paul Campaign. Traitor.

John Stossel hangs out with Cato, who kicked out Murray Rothbard.traitor.

Tom Woods is catholic. So he MUST be a Vatican agent.Traitor.

Israel Anderson(RonPaul Flicks) is from New Zealand. He could be MI6. Traitor.

Sheriff Mack still belives in SOME government.Traitor.

In addition to those mentioned here, there are EXACTLY 57 traitors within our movement.

At the Mises University, Tom Woods gave a speech about the "Anti-Rothbadians", but he also mentioned the problem with our movement.

That problem being that we try to shut out those who do not think exactly as we do.The "mainstream" political parties brag about diversity, but what big deal is it if they all believe in the absolute state?

If there biggest argument is whether marginal tax rates should be 36.3 or 39 percent, where is the intellectual diversity.

I love this movement because we are the ONLY political movement where we are not all intellectually alike. Imagine how boring it would be to be in a room of drones who repeated empty camapaign slogans and party talking points(those of you who have been in a room of Obama or Romney supporters know what I am talking about).

So maybe we should stop trying to excomunicate people from our movement simply because the disagree with them. while the real sabotuers laugh as we attack each other over 1 or 2 issue disputes, while they bring this country to ruin.

As the Good Doctor himself has said, "Freedom is popular and appeals to everyone".

But then again,I hear that Ron Paul is related to the traitor Rand Paul, and supported that statist Newt Gingrinch for Speaker of the House.So his words are HIGHLY suspect..."

John Tate says Jesse Benton wasn't fired from C4L. Traitor.

Jack Hunter believes conspiracy theories are bad for the movement. More proof of him being a traitor.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien