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Bump for what she advocates

What she defends is the restoration of checks and balances to the constitution. What she is advocating is educating the public about the 17th amendment so that we the people understand why we should not want to vote to elect US Senators. Otherwise any suggestion of removing from them the direct election of US Senators will be a nearly impossible sell. So let's get to schooling folks, shall we?


Repeal the 17th Amendment

Our Founding Fathers were fearful of an over bearing federal government. Checks and balances were established in order to control the federal government. Enactment of the 17th amendment tore down much of the checks that had been established to stop the federal government. It is important to reinstate the constitutional controls established by the Founding Fathers prior to the 17th amendments enactment.

Failure to do so will result in the status quo of an uncontrolled federal government and loss of personal liberty and freedom The checks and balances must be restored to the constitution.