Comment: Granger, I read over and over from you

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Granger, I read over and over from you

that Ron Paul and the campaign asked us to join the GOOP. But I never got that memo. In fact, I sent plenty of email to the campaign asking them what I could do to help. I never got a response. Neither did I read Online any memo, or inference that the joining of the GOOP would be of some help. I applaud your efforts in becoming 'politically involved'. I wish you could appreciate others for having a different viewpoints and personalities. I don't now, nor ever did, see the political system as a means of change. In fact, I see withdrawing consent and participation as the only winning strategy. And, believe me, not everyone is cut-out to attend boring meetings or play politics. Please open your mind to other alternatives. Keep doing what your doing but allow others to do what they want. Please link to the missing memo.