Comment: You never go that memo?

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You never go that memo?

You never heard anything about becoming a delegate? You have to join the GOP to become a delegate, eh?

I see withdrawing as giving TPTB exactly what they want: YOU out of the picture and out of the way.

The meetings are NOT boring. They are informative about politics in your county, state and nationally. And with Ron Paul's message, they are FUN.

Now that the nomination is over the campaign has shutdown it's page and call to delegtes

It's now up to those of us to invite people in, and while many are doing that on personal level, I am here to remind you, there are seats open in many places, so if you really want to get with the program, you can. You don't have to believe me. Doubt me to your heart's content. DO WHAT YOU WANT. I love being on a committee especially since I am not alone, and don't see set backs as losing, as many who disagree with me here, and have excuses to not become committee members, do.