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Donate FRNs For Liberty!

To all Ron Paul Republicans: Congressman Amash can use your financial support before November. It is true, the Democrats are out for his seat, and the GOP establishment frankly could care less about him. Liberty-minded candidates like Amash rely on the grassroots, since they get very little if any support from The Party.

Even if you live out-of-state, please consider chiping in 10, 25, or 50 FRNs to his re-election fund. If you have deep pockets, donate even more - consider it an advanced deposit on your personal liberty and freedom that Amash will passionately defend in the US Congress.

As a movement, we need to show the establishment that we will continue supporting Ron Paul Republicans, even after The Good Doctor leaves congress. The GOP establishment is hoping that we will just go away - let's work together to ensure we continue to elect Liberty Minded candidates, and dig deep to support the ones we've already elected!

Amash is in a prime position to continue advancing the Liberty Movement - but he can only do so with all of our support!

Are you still ticked off about how the GOP treated us in the primaries and conventions? Still bitter about how they ignored and belittled the message of Liberty and Constitutionalism, the very same message upon which our country was founded? Throw some FRNs at a Congressman who is fighting the fight RIGHT NOW for all of us!

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