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Excellent question! The alt

Excellent question!

The alt coins seem to all have their own features. Some have fast block-chain confirm times (nice for two parties who don't trust each other), others have the laundry systems (for anonymity freaks), and yet others are easy for the layperson to mine without an expensive mining rig.

They all seem to have a niche. And for all intents and purposes, you have to have BTC to get them.

At present, however, I think the main concern is bringing the concept of cryptocurrencies mainstream, which is why most people are working with Bitcoin. The common objective is breaking the monetary monopoly.

Don't get me wrong, Bitcoin is impressive technology in itself, but once fiat is dethroned, we'll start to see some _really_ interesting coins come into use. At that point, one might be able to make the arguement that an all-in-one-coin may come along to supercede Bitcoin, but more likely than not, there will be a selection of currencies based on their utility, all valued relative to that of a Bitcoin.