Comment: WAC interview style is aggressive, and I

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WAC interview style is aggressive, and I

can understand why some avoid them. Their last-ditch-effort attitude makes it appear that they've exhausted all other interviewing options. Perhaps they could take some notes from Jan Helfeld. Jack should have remained cool and calm, but I think that's something that needs practice. To his credit, he did answer their question, and i can understand his position. Bilderberg is not his main target, and that's ok. Welfare is not my main target, war is, and its not that I don't care about or understand the social problems welfare brings, it's just secondary to so many other issues. Sicking security on them however seems quite hypocritical of a liberty figure.

I've been on the fence about attending an upcoming YAL event in Davis, CA. Any ideas about YAL? Seems much has come into light about C4L and YAL lately.