Comment: An easy turn-around

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An easy turn-around

It's not just jobs or debt. It's a shift in the ownership of the companies. And that has happened because we allowed money to buy social status and controlling power. If we take back that money, we also take back that power and remove the rungs of the social ladder.

I would argue that it is a natural tendency for technology to reduce the number of jobs. The difference, however, is that with an aware population and a fair marketplace for starting businesses and other things like taxes, we should have migrated to many more businesses with the lowest level employees holding much more accountability (and it's resulting pay) than they do now.

This is what I see being the end game of the tech and internet revolutions. Not a million small businesses making up 15% of GDP with 40,000 mega-corps doing the rest. More like 500 mega-corps with 5% of the GDP with 100 million small ones doing the remaining 95% of GDP. When this happens, and it is trending that way faster (but still very small), we will see inequality reduced massively.

With that increased equality, we will see less debt which will foster a faster change.

All this could begin to happen with just the infancy tech we've had so far, but make no mistake, we're still licking the chocolate coating of this tech ice cream cone. There's so much more on its way.

Everyone is so intrigued by 3D printers. Well, very soon, we'll be able to recycle our waste plastic directly into free new plastic objects. We'll be able to upload CAD/CAM parts to a machine which will direct ship us the parts at less than volume costs today. We'll be able to do all our electronics entertainment, utility and communications on one mobile device which has much less power needs and can last many generations of upgrade. We'll be able to cut food, energy, housing and travel costs so much it becomes an insignificant part of the budget.

These are just the 'basics' of the up and coming tech. If you just look at the robotics and automation fields, nearly every piece needed to do every task we may want is already done. We just have to wait for someone to put them all together in the same box.

Those advancements will truly bring about a technological revolution. The trick for our survival is to ensure that we get our fair share of the profits or we'll forever be paying those who control it. As long as we keep this big picture in mind, it's not hard to do all this but without that foresight, it will not happen.