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FREEDOM PAC that is where the campaign is on state levels.. they may help you on the committee stuff, but I went as a guest to my committee for a year, and you can go as a guest. Agenda 21 is a HUGE issue on my committee. Every meeting someone is passing me out flyers and info on it.. it's another reason we are all so ampted up about the constitution. I really think you'll like committee work. It's not for everybody, that's a fact, but for some of us, it's AWESOME. It's not what I thought it would be. I love it because I'm now networked with people from my county and my state, Ron paul's campaign holds my hand if I need it, and it feels like it because I'm not alone, so every meeting and event is like a Ron Paul event for me. We are winning, and maybe that's why the other stuff, the Benton, Rand, Tate, Hunter, bashing.. it's sore loser stuff to me.

Everyone needs to do what they want. I've been grassroots for 33 years. I'm happy to retire let others go wave signs in the streets,, been there done that. I just wish more folks would actually go to a meeting and tell me about THAT, but they don't, they tell me what MSM told them and that's what sucks for me, though, not like I can't handle it.. after all been there done that. I just wish someone had invited me into a committee seat decades ago.