Comment: A bit of a rant, if you have the time..

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A bit of a rant, if you have the time..

I don't like long winded posts either, but a few thoughts you may consider, if you have the time.

Like most of us I came accross Dr Ron Paul indirectly and decided to do some research and check this man out. What I found was an enigma, a contradiction in terms, a politician that was so obviously a man of conviction and principle, and a man that simply spoke the truth, the real truth..

I later came to the conclusion, from his own statements and responses to interviews, also his reactions and casual remarks, that his objective was to spread the message of liberty. I formed the opinion that the R party was the instrument of choice to best enable his philosophy to be heard. Confirmation of this was to be seen many times during the rallies and the debates, and I think the most surprised and delighted person throughout the campaign, was Ron Paul himself.
I firmly believe the whitehouse was not his intended goal, and explained his humble attitude toward such questions.
I think we were the ones that did that.
Nobody could have envisioned the rapid growth of the RP Intellectual Revolution, not even RP himself, and things changed, which may or may not have been for the better, and may have explained in part, the apparent disconnect of the campaign from the grass-roots.

So here we are, much wiser and awake, wanting change and energetically expressing our views on DP, reflecting on our wins and our defeats.
Are we Libertarians?, are we Conservatives? are we Republicans?, no we are none of those, and we are all of them. We are not constrained by any of those terms or in any of those pigeon holes. We are individuals, constitutionalists awake to reality, and hell bent on creating change for the better.

Some would see us as a fragmented movement, hamstrung by in-fighting, that has lost it's way. Others would see us as a large block of voters right for the picking.
I see the RP movenent as not fragmenting at all, but rather dividing into many different directions that our own convictions would take us. We are after all individuals, and that separates us from all 'political parties' as such.
Recently the question was asked "have we gained consensus on the direction forward", well the answer to that is no, we don't need a consensus to move forward.
We have to realise that ourselves, stop the in-fighting and understand our common goal will be achieved by each of us following the path we, as individuals, feel is the better path to take.
We need to stay together but at the same time explore the directions we, in our own hearts and minds, feel are best for us.
We should be giving advice, but not attempting to change minds. Giving encouragement, to those of us that may require it, but not berating others for the path they choose. Respect each other, and the decisions we make, we all have the same goal.

Follow your heart, use your mind, and choose your path..spread the message, and take back the Nation.
It's an honor to be with you.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.