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Wrong Idea

I think that you have the wrong idea. Tyranny can not be run from. The founders tried it. Look where it has come home to roost! We have no choice but to face the tyranny head on. That is the only way victory can be achieved. There is a problem though and it is the reason that revolution is the only answer here. The problem is that many, if not all, tyrants will be incapable of reason. Their ideas are as concrete as the laws on the books today to them. They will defend their dying ideas till the end when we freedom seeking people sweep them aside like dead leaves on the lawn. Look at the evidence!
Iraq policy
Afghanistan policy
Cannabis policy
Spending and Budget policy
Education policy
Medical policy

The answers, to these people, come in the form of legislation. As little as I enjoy quoting the bible I must bring from it a message that "no law ever made a better world. Only the hope of better times changed them." That is not an exact quote but I think the message matters. Tyrants use law. Informed individuals use reason. Freedom loving crusaders need to use force or there will be none of us left. Remember the depopulation agenda is in full swing. Iran is the last domino to fall before nuclear war. Revolt or die!

If you run, they will engulf all that stands around you eventually.