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Comment: You question if the grassroots has become weeds

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You question if the grassroots has become weeds

and believe that " most reasonable folks have left long ago, leaving just the fringe of the fringe." and you wonder why you get down voted?

Down votes don't infringe on your ability to express your thoughts, it merely shows if others agree with your thoughts. I don't know if you belong here or not. I know I don't belong in the GOP and I don't see the purpose of continuing with it. If you look at the history of revolutions, those that seek only to replace the corruption of the current rulers with themselves just become another corrupt regime. The only hope for positive change is a change in the system. In this case this means the two party system, merely changing who controls them doesn't solve anything.

If you remain in the GOP they will continue to sweet talk you when they wish and then stonewall any meaningful change. If you take over the leadership of the GOP you have two choices, you can support neocon and other objectionable candidates as well as liberty candidates, or you will use the rules and the power structure to obstruct them and deny them fair treatment. Which is it that you want? I don't want to be a part of either.

I'm not going to support those who do, although I respect their views and their desire to make change, no matter how imperfectly.

Just so you know, I downvoted your post, and I don't do it behind a screen name.

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