Comment: Hey friend.

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Hey friend.

My apologies for MY demeanor as well. The above effort has officially failed (as of the 17th), and I hope to direct my efforts to other, perhaps more fruitful activities. Its been a little rough here on the Daily Paul and in the movement as a whole. I think disagreement is healthy, even if on occasion it brings out the nasty in all of us (our little tussle was mutual admiration compared to some of the stuff I have seen!). The only thing none of us should abide here is quitters (and of course trolls who never were part of the movement and just pretend they are quitters.) Cheers my friend. Oh, and I've only ever had one type of Sam Adams, probably the one you're talking about. It wasn't the best, but I've certainly had worse.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg