Comment: There is nowhere for Americans to go except...

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There is nowhere for Americans to go except...

the United States of America. I'm not an American (I'm British) but I believe whatever America does, it will affect the entire world.

You might think, "heck, maybe I just go to Thailand or some Latin America countries and be free from US intervention." FYI, there is no place in this earth that is not influenced by the US (political/economy/media).

The primary reason I support Ron Paul is because he espouse the idea that America must not interfere with foreign nation either militarily or economically. Just leave other countries alone and focus developing your own country.

The main problem with your country is that you are being controlled by the Zionist in the media, economy and politics. I doubt you can do anything with the first (media) because this people have lots of money. However, you can take back your politics back.

By imitating the same strategy used by the Zionist. The Zionist started from the Dems and then they spread and co-opt the GOP. The liberty movement started by Ron Paul in the GOP and it SHOULD spread out to the other parties as well - co-opt them all.

I have mentioned this is other threads and comments as well. Whoever wins the November election is irrelevant! The POST-EPECTION strategy is what matters.

a) If you want to work within GOP or Dems, go ahead.
b) If you want to work with non-mainstream parties like Lib/Green/Constitution/etc, go ahead.
c) If you want to work outside the political system, go ahead.
d) If you want to work as a pressure group/lobby group, go ahead.

All the above strategies are good ideas. Stop all these senseless b*tching and whining and focus on our true enemy.