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I got news for you, bub...

if jack is one of our own we are in big trouble...

this is a very BIG tent

don't start excluding folks'll never stop!

everyone has a point, everyone has a valid right to speak and ask questions, who is ANYONE to judge their validity?

they are valid and relevent to the questioner, at the very least

pompous asses get the pompous ass "treatment"

get jack's ass back on board or get him the hell out of the way!

don't you tin foil hat me jack hunter, you cocktail crasher...your "important" work ain't getting no where, my friend

look around you

the gop is falling apart before your eyes with the dems standing to benefit at first

we will, of course, hold their feet to the fire and ask them if their president can end the wars?

the answer is no, he can't.
no one can end the wars but Ron Paul!

but he won't get the chance because our primaries were stolen from us by the very people...let's thank them, shall we?

thank you bilderbergers, cfr, and trilaterals and funk you very much jack hunter for skipping those tough questions about those very organizations from the only news agency "tough enough" to ask them

you should feel honored they sought you out jack...i anticipate it won't happen very much more often as you'll soon be forgotten

Ron Paul
Don't forget who put you there! (jh)

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.