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The campaign never fell apart

The campaign reached plurality. At that point, with supporters crying uncle in Money bombs that were not reaching the goals, the campaign decided it was not worth spending our hard earned money on MSM that refused to tell the truth, give credit for achievement, and continued censorship. The campaign did not accept corporate donations, grassroots was tapped, they needed a reserve in case of law suits, and while people showed up to events by the thousands, unless it was free, people were not climbing on board with the campaign plan to take the GOP. Ron Paul "Rock Star" had amassed a huge fan club, but that fan club was not translating into what the campaign needed, GOP registration, committee seats and delegates. Grassroots wanted to wave signs and chalk sidewalks, not become the establishment that was needed to show up in mass and take Ron Paul over the top of the corporate machine.

I see alot of blaming the campaign by people who now say they support GJ. What is GJ's campaign doing?

No one is asking anyone to join the LP. No one is asking anyone to become delegates, or open LP committees, or build a LP to sustain past November. There are no PACs or Blogs, or campaign names, being tossed around on DP. There are no Meet-ups, no $500 dinners, no free concerts named for GJ.

What makes GJ campaign so much better than RP's? That they took RPs message and added issues that some folks didn't exactly agree with Ron Paul because they are Democratic Party issues like pro-choice?