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Bilderberg = 7 stages of Economic Integration

Bilberberg's sole purpose is to achieve these 7 stages of Economic Integration -

It's a specific set of policies created by this economist-

Hayek also wrote about economic integration but it has evolved into this collectivist idea of a world political union. Economic Integration on an international scale is known as Globalization.

People often talk in abstract about globalization or the New World Order. The fact is, there's been several new world orders, one attempted by Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan. And one by House, the CFR, FDR, etc known as the "Open Conspiracy" (HG Wells). The world is not perfect, the idea of a different or new global order is not in itself bad. It is only bad when it is defined by collectivists like the CFR who promote Economic Integration.

I once asked Judge Napolitano what he thought about Economic Integration and he said he'd never heard of it. Plus he promotes "Free Trade" as well as CATO, which endorses NAFTA, GATT etc all part of the first two stages of Economic Integration. Of course, Ron Paul correctly explains it as "corporate managed free trade".

But the idea that this is unknown to Judge Napolitano, or Jack Hunter, or anyone trying to diminish the influence of Bilderberg is something the movement needs to fix.

Regardless of what we do, if these 7 stages are achieved everything will be for nothing. We will have no rights and we will have lost to some supranational utopian power that will forever ensure a movement like our's never is possible again.