Comment: I've read all these comments...

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I've read all these comments...

and I've come to realize something. Americans don't fight back because America is not worth fighting for. Now, before you tear in to me, think about this a second.

England in the 1700s wasn't worth fighting for. Several European nations weren't fighting for, either. So, people started leaving. To America. Now, America was young and the taste of freedom was very fresh in the colonist's mouth. For someone to take that from them, they were willing to die to stop that.

If Romney's 47% figure is right, then half this nation is pretty much on the government's side because they don't want to take their hand out of the treasure chest. They don't know the treasure chest is emptying fast, or they turn a blind eye to that fact. However, in any case, we are far removed from true freedom that no one knows what they've lost and have no will to fight for it. That may change, but I think the cycle has to complete through the slavery and bondage phase. I'm not willing to wait through that.

On the other hand, if we did set up a colony, it wouldn't take long for our philosophy of freedom to create a society where people are truly free and the taste of freedom is a daily drink. Locals in the area would likely desire life as we profess it should be. There would be people willing to defend our way of life. I would just as soon not start any fights with a host nation. Of course, if a crackdown on our community came down, I feel we would be just to respond as the colonists have done.