Comment: It is clear the Constitution

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It is clear the Constitution

It is clear the Constitution binds the hands of the State government's too much. I am currently reading "The Founding Father's Guide to the Constitution" by Brian McClanahan where he breaks down the Constitution bit by bit and then inserts the Founding Father's comments. Reading the commentary by an anonymous writer who went by the name "Brutus" is fascinating. He objected to the Constitution, and predicted all the things we now face. It is as though he looked and foresaw everything we are experiencing today.

The Constitution needs amendments to clearly give State governments the right to nullify federal law, to secede, to have the Senators chosen by the legislative body of the states (i.e. repeal the 17th amendment), and all lawsuits between the Federal Government and the State Government should be decided in State courts. The States created the Federal Government for a very limited purpose, and they should have the right to dissolve it should it out grow its original intent.