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I don't buy it anymore. We tried to take over from the inside, and what did we get? And now they have more and more power. I think the whole take over the GOP was a distraction from Benton's types.

I think that we must change the country through reason and communication. I agree with a different poster who said Ron Paul should have run third party this time. He would then be in the debates with Obama and Romney and they would be a JOKE! If Gary Johnson could get on most states, surely Ron Paul could have. He was sidelined. It's obvious to me. The GOPers want control of us and they KNOW the ONLY way to get that is to TRICK US! Because we wont do it otherwise!

We should NOT step in line! I am tired of the tricks and lies and they HAVE CONTROL!!! If Hunter, Benton and the rest could gain control of the Ron Paul Revolution, how do you think we stand a CHANCE against the establishment on our owns? Ron Paul was duped. Let's stop the madness!

We have GOT to get a new plan!