Comment: Cyber-democracy is the worst kind of democracy

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Cyber-democracy is the worst kind of democracy

On the web fictitious entities can be created on a whim. One voter can account for 10 or more votes with do-nothing accounts.

The bumping system of threads favors alarmist and controversial posts. True gems rarely stay afloat in the sea of fear and hate.

It is an assumption to believe everyone here are liberty-loving Paul supporters. The illusion is created that the hate is worse than it really is.

Mods can post counterproductive posts to the front page, too.

Internet web boards favors certain demographics, and thus, cyber-democracy is not a good indicator of the full-spectrum.

and there's one more thing...

With voting up/down, there is a tendency to cause the casual reader to take their focus away from interpreting the material for themselves, and it can turn into some sort of social competition. Like spilling coffee on your resume before you can apply for the job.