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"We have GOT to get a new plan!"

What is that plan-what do you propose ashleyjean78?

Before you answer that question, answer these first:

Name all the parties that have any significant power in the USA?

Name all the parties that the average voter in the USA has in mind when deciding how to cast their vote?

Name all the parties that the broad reach media(BIG MEGAPHONES) treats seriously when discussing the political landscape in the USA?

Name the primary sources of political and current events information for the average voter in the USA?

Bonus Question?

In the minds of the average voter in the USA, the terms "libertarian" and "LIBERTARIAN PARTY" most closely evoke a trigger reaction to the terms:

1. "Fringe", "Kook"


2. "Mainstream", "Serious"


The reality of the current political landscape/rules of the game/programming of the sheep sucks but ignoring reality because it sucks does not change its suckness one bit.

I respect Ron Paul's intelligence, knowledge, experience and wisdom.
Ron Paul himself gave us the plan to follow based from him utilizing all of the preceding to the best of his ability.

Did RP say all we had to do is show up one cycle and the GOP was ours? No, nor did he need to explain to the adults that it would not be easy, quick or even certain; it is common sense for those that see reality as it truly exists. What he clearly explained, for those paying attention, was the ONLY plan with ANY chance for success was to control one of the two viable parties and specifically the GOP because the GOP sizzle is most compatible for anyone that has the least clue of economic reality.

Did you think that people that have a tremendous amount of time, money, personal stake in maintaining the power they have acquired would just sit idly by as we attempt to take it from them? Are you shocked and surprised that they fight us? Are you shocked and surprised that they play dirty and cheat? Are you proposing that we follow your plan rather than that of RP?

What is your plan ashleyjean78, in detail?

What is your timeline for success w/ your plan?

What are your bona fides for acceptance of your plan relative to RP?

What will those that currently have all the power in the USA do in response to your plan-to take power from them? Will they do nothing?
If so, why will they do nothing? Will they do something? If so, what and why will their response to your plan be any less troublesome than the what they are doing now to our current plan?

Last question:

How much further would we be in achieving success with the plan given to us by RP if we focused on working that and not entertaining nonsensical LIBERTY in a day schemes?

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in