Comment: Now there is a word ripe for discussion.

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Now there is a word ripe for discussion.

used for, belonging to, or concerned with mere style or effect.
marked by or tending to use bombast.
of, concerned with, or having the nature of rhetoric.

So, to me, the meaning is ONE WAY communication, or a Speaking Monopoly, or Dictation, IS rhetorical?

Throw in a little "bombast" to invent, produce, and maintain a false front on the Dictators Dictates?

If a question is vital, to more than one person, then an accurate answer might be demanded by more than one person.


"Flags are Tools, useful things, and for what purpose?"

The American Flag has a long history of covering up things, Legal Crime, Dead Bodies: covered up Cannon Fodder or covered up Patriots depending upon your angle of view.

Burning a flag sends a message.

Something to make people salute, almost like prayer, only with out the real God involved, like a False Flag used to hide a False God?

You will salute, since now you can't afford not to salute.

No questions, you will salute.

What is the message? (A rhetorical question from the dictator?)



Ignorance is no excuse for the Law.

Which Law is that, from people who claim things like "it depends upon what is is"?

I don't think that I do rhetorical. I think that I do blabbermouth ranting, sure, but not rhetoric.

I might be wrong, of course.


Did you check the link, read the definition? What happened to Bombast?

Now I'm running around trying to find the meaning of Bombast?

pretentious inflated speech or writing

So, to me, I can pick out people that I think I can trust, and I can call them Friends of Liberty, or just friends, and I can ask questions, share questions, and share answers, in the effort to know better, and in places where communication appears to fail, I can ask for clarification.

What is the problem?

English did it?

An example of Bombast or an example of artful employment of English can be provided as the following:

Flags are Tools, useful things, and for what purpose?

What is the message?

No Red States...No Blue States

The Dictator says so (and HIS army)? thankful that you still have a lesser of two evils?


ObamaNation, a person, a person that has be fit on top of the Nation, as Fearless Leader, or any name I am at liberty to publish, and escape punishment, this person, so named, ObamaNation, creates a new flag.

OK, I'm curious, is it a new message or the same one?


I think it is the same old message, and the stationary has been reabricated and the message just so happens to be false.

I won't obey, I know where that path leads.

How about that message?

Can it be made true again?

Was there a Flag for the Republic under The Articles of Confederation, or was that Betsy Ross thing just another False Flag operation?

I don't know, so I ask.