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Not deflection

just a clarification.
If GJ hires my company to consult - I am going to bill him with the idea that if he gets traction - the payoff will be there in the end - and the farther he goes - the bigger my payoff. However if he gets no traction - I don't really expect to get paid - I am supporting a cause.

Linda McMahon won't be going into debt either - are you going to put her in the same class as RP - based upon ONE qualification? Then it seems odd to exclude someone on one as well.

And BTW. You need to find closure. NOBODY is EVER going to live up to RP. Just accept it.

I am not a GJ supporter - I just know RP isn't in it, Romney sucks and Obama is plain scary. I am voting GJ as a "none of the above" vote. I don't have his signs in my yard - I still have my RP bumper stickers on my truck.