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Comment: I don't have to have the entire plan

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I don't have to have the entire plan

That is why we work together. Freedom is popular. What I am saying is that working in the GOP is getting .... not much.

I think my plan would look something like developing a platform that we will NOT back away from. End wars, end unlimited spending, cut the 5 departments, end Fed, limit power of Pres., end unconstitutional abuses of Federal power etc.

Perhaps if we banned together behind FREEDOM we could get somewhere. The 2 party system has only gotten us more of the same.

The Tea Party was co-opted, now the actual Ron Paul movement is too. We NEED a STAND on what issues we demand.

By the way, you're a bit aggressive and negative. Ron Paul also said work the delegates to make a difference. I think he was duped by those he trusted. And even he said, he didn't want to control us. He said that he couldn't. He gave us the wisdom to discern.