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"The bottom line is:

"The bottom line is: technology replaces people. "

This is unequivocally a good thing. A job is not an end in itself, it is a means to some other ends. (with very rate exceptions, such as people who love their work, not only in that it's tolerable, but that they would do it even if they recieved no pay).

The purpose of human action is to remove displeasure (or seek pleasure). This is what action is. If there are machines that are providing the same goods to society with lesser inputs of human labor, this is a GOOD thing.

As a thought experiment, let's say an alien race came in contact with earth and took a liking to us and started teleporting all sorts of goods to us... houses, cars, food, ipods, etc... all free of charge. Would this be a terrible thing becasue it "took all our jerbs!!!!"? Or would it be a blessing in that we can now obtain the same level of need-satisfaction as previously with much less effort? If you think it's the former, exclude me from your community and your community-leader's watchful eye, please.