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Yes I think so

Because by letting Ron Paul speak that would be submission that our views are main stream.
The energy in it self would ring the bell of liberty.
50 percent of a battle is about morality.
Just like football like crowd noise and stuff.
Look at all the conventions Ron Paul spoke at lit a spark and he won.
If Steele was still chairman you damn well bet Ron Paul would have spoken.
You would also see Romney crash and burn.
Even neocon republicans are now turning independent:
I just talked to 3 people now who are republicans.
They have now come out publicly against Romney now.
This is great because Jessie Ventura I think might just throw this whole circuits right back to Paul.
A lot of people I don't think will vote for Jessie.
But they like his message.
Then they also tell me Ron Paul would be far Better then Ventura.
Now over the past 7 days they have now completely rejected mitt Romney.
Im pro life and most republicans are.
If you can convince them by responding Ron Paul is pro-life and mitt Romney is not he is a liberal.
They Finnaly Finnaly understand that Ron Paul is the best for the pro-life movement.
If you are pro life you cannot vote for Romney!
Or Johnson or Obama or Ventura (correct me if in wrong on venture) but Ron Paul is the only moral vote.
You must not waste a vote by voting for who is the most popular or who is the lesser of two evils.
It is a spiritual issue here.
I my self can't conceive voting for something that is against the laws of nature and of life.
It's not just about life but its also about greed.
Things that some people would consider satanic.
I'm not a cristian but I am not atheist or pagan. I believe in god. I believe in Christ. I believe in man.
Love is the reason for existence.
The love of life.
Politicians are motivated by greed and money.
It is no longer about politics for many people.
It's about what is right. The children and the world.
People are #1 and knowledge is #2 with those 2 things everything else can be solved.
Science and truth will give use the path towards peace on earth.
The government must be 100 percent open to the people.
Politicians should not even exist.
Laws don't even need to be written.
There is a moral and natural understanding between people when money is removed from the equation.
Most animals live in harmony with each other and there is no reason we should be any different.
In the future machines will do most of the work. People will not do hard labor any more.
Work will not be called work anymore but more like rather a hobbie.
People will strive to be the most knowledgeable not the most rich.
Just like when we were kids. I never had any kind of concept of money until I went to callage.
I thought life was about learning and friends.
Recess was always the most fun.
Then something changed it became about money and work and death.
Human beings are not supposed to be working to death.
We were supposed to be about having fun and embracing the world and following the butterfly's.
Claiming And playing in the woods. Creating forts and making contraptions.
That is how we solve problems.
Not taxing or borrowing money and writing laws.
In the future people will goto school not work and they wouldn't get paid.
They will goto school and work on projects come up with solutions for problems.
Then go in recess travel the world for free go to your house that everybody helped make for you tailored to you.
Everyone who is born the whole community will have school projects to help create a design the perfect house for each other an for there friends.
We all come together and do what seems like the impossible.
Step 1 solve the food crisis.
We are now on the verge of replication devices for food.
We have 3-d printers. We have 100+ soda machines at fast food places now.
Now we must make an instant bread machine.
Kinda like a 100+ soda machine.
You have compressed flower and yeast in chamber connected to a water supply.
Lasers will bake the bread is seconds after squirting out and a piece of bread drops down or goes into a small callage that expands into a full bag of a loaf of bread "boom" and it's there.
Peanut butter and jelly Sammys
We also have to use flavors and soy and create meats an stuff.
Tofu can be converted into any type of substances cooked and bam cheese steak subs.
Oils and fats can be created by some sort of mana machine.
Replicators will be pretty much the size of as room or even a house for bigger uses but the delivery system can be the size if a microwave oven.
Kinda like a soda machine.
Milk , oil, cheese, flavors , spices will all be in containers that get refilled when the replicated man shows up to swap the housing chambers.
Everything will come out wrapped like a TV dinner and you peal the plastic away and you have fully cooked components to a full meal.
You will get a 1000 percent increase in the size of the product after being zapped by the wave oven.
The items will expand bacause it's really only fiber and yeast and stuff like pizza dough then you add the oils and the spices and flavors and cook. Pop then it's done.
Pop corn is the first type of this device. But we need to expand this idea.
Instead of hamus inside its tofu and rice and noodles.
You press the Chinese food button. Out drops all these little seeds into a sectioned off plastic plate.
You hear all then little seeds pop and then you wate for it the stop popping and you turn off the machine.
You pull out the tray and those seeds turned into lomain noodles, rice, fried tofu , veggies. Our squirts some soy sauce into the rice boom your done