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Government schooling

does its best to turn us into ants, herd animals, sub-human animals operating on feelings and unable to think with any kind of logic but we are so much more than that. This reminds me of that scene in the movie "Contact" where Jodie Foster is forced by the bureaucrats to sit strapped in a chair in the space travel machine that was not in the specs, added for her safety. The chair shakes and jerks and finally rips loose and hits the ceiling only seconds after Jodie gets out of it. Very metaphorical, I think. We are constantly told how "we" have to live as one borg, conniving and battling over pieces of a "pie" (the excess production of hard working people) divvied up by corrupt men, everyone forced to live according to the majority vote, or what we are TOLD is the vote.
The market does a much better job.