Comment: I would be surprized if Ron Paul endorsed anyone.

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I would be surprized if Ron Paul endorsed anyone.

When I qualified for my committee seat, the County Clerk had me sign a loyalty to the GOP by-laws oath, which under REMOVAL, includes not supporting the nominee.

Ron Paul was alone for years and posed no threat, so no one cared what he did or how he voted. That changed as Ron Paul Republicans began taking committee seats. Now they felt threatened. Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney was not going against his father, as many here presume, but it was a warning to us.. THEY ARE GOING TO HOLD YOU TO THE LOYALTY OATH. We needed to wake up. You don't. You don't have or want a committee seat, so of course, do what you want. Ron Paul can also do what he wants as he is leaving congress and not seeking a committee seat or another office. He is free, as you are.

There is no one on the ballot I like AT ALL. I don't like Romney, Obama, GJ, Goode,, none of them. So I have to look past the candidate and I need to vote. So my Romney vote is FOR Ron Paul RepubliCANs to empower them, and I really want to remove Obama from office.

As a guest to a GOP committee meeting you can do what you want. But as an elected committee member you can not. So if you were elected or appointed, you can not tell them you won't vote for Romney and keep your seat. You can still attend meetings though.

I really don't care who you will never ever ever vote for. I'm not asking you to vote FOR anyone. I'm here explaining how being a committee member, which I needed to do to become a delgate, that if I want to keep my seat, which I do, I will be voting Romney.