Comment: There is an industrial seasonal demand cycle but

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There is an industrial seasonal demand cycle but

But it's hard to say right now with everything so screwy. Normally the industrial demand for silver begins going up in September, so we often see an increase and then the demand goes down in April, so we often see a decrease from April through August.

Things are so wacko with what the Federal Reserve and JP Morgan, etc. are doing now though that nothing is sure anymore. Silver has also become correlated with the Euro and can move in tandem with it when something happens there (but it usually only reacts to Euro movement for awhile and the price does not trend in tandem with the Euro necessarily, especially if something else happens with one of its other movers), and of course with gold / in opposition to the dollar movement.

I would predict it's only going up from here and IF there is going to be a fall again, it will not be until after the New Year at least and probably around April. But that's just my opinion, of course.