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Saying bitcoin is nothing is

Saying bitcoin is nothing is like saying email is nothing because pen and paper wasnt used to create it.

They are computer generated, yes. They are also very unique in that they cannot be forged, cannot be blocked, cannot be stopped. This is similar to how torrent network keeps on working eventhough there has been a huge effort to "do something about it"

I believe you are here because you have somekind of computer... Welcome to the world of bitcoin! :)

Is the government controlling your computer? Are you safe typing, communicating here? If you think you are, well that is great! But if you are worried there are really good ways to keep you computer free of govt and other snoops

This will do pretty well for small amounts of bitcoin... For your VAULT, you may use more precautions like this:

Theyll shut down the internet?

From the above link:

Re: The Bitcoin Dilemma: Can the Internet be shutdown?
April 09, 2012, 06:25:43 AM
"Consider the attempt last year for the government of Egypt to block cross-border Internet traffic.   Sites like gmail, Youtube and CNN even were not accessible by those within Egypt.  But the traffic within the country was still functional.  Eventually the bitcoin client would find peers within the country (or helped a bit by manually specifying which peers to connect to) so all that needs to happen is for one of those nodes to connect to the rest of the internet for the blockchain to be kept current.  That could occur over dialup if nothing else."

"There are other ways the Internet could survive if disruptions to massive subcomponents were to occur (e.g., if consumer access providers were to block all traffic, for instance).  Metro-wide networks built using mesh networking technologies with inter-city peering links could some day make reliance on the existing Internet infrastructure.  You wouldn't get Facebook but you could still route e-mail, transfer data files and transact using bitcoin."

Here's one approach for a quick-deploy emergency internet:

Just plain 'Happy'about the direction the world is taking! Especially if we live to reach LEV [Longevity Escape Velocity]