Comment: "Look at me as I am" - Dulcinea ~ from Man of La Mancha

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"Look at me as I am" - Dulcinea ~ from Man of La Mancha

Man of LaMancha (Dulcenia) North High School This is the video trailer for Man of LaMancha, March, 2008, Evansville, Indiana

Please, there are many ways to imagine the roles played in Man of La Mancha. Let us not limit Granger's role to an impossible quest. Yes, she may lash out at what she considers a foolish act... Or a slight on herself. Do you lose respect for Dulcinea as she lashes out at other fools? Is Don Quixote angered?
Submitted by The Granger on Fri, 09/21/2012

    Granger: When I qualified for my committee seat, the County Clerk had me sign a loyalty to the GOP by-laws oath, which under REMOVAL, includes not supporting the nominee.

I have not walked Granger's path. I will not vote for Mr R nor Mr O. Yet, I do freely swear. That is my course. Each is free to choose their course.

I hope I have not further angered anyone. To relieve any stress you may find another site useful: International Cursing & Swearing Dictionary ~
For idiomatic use of offensive language and insults. French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, and ...

Singing on a hilltop may bring you back you your cheery selves. Regards you you all,

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