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The excitement is, Rand just gave us a whole ton of a mmo

to use against those rats and thieves he just exposed. So use it! Call them out, publicly shame and ridicule them, get on the radio stations, tv, blogs, bars, workplace, etc. and let people know their representive is stealing their hard earned money and giving it to foreign countries who burn our flag, destroy embassies, kill our ambassadors and threaten us and our allies. Ask them how they feel about that. In the same breath promote candidates that will replace these traitors and put an end to this practice. You can rally people around the idea that anyone who would continue giving foreign aid to these countries isnt fit for office. This is how you replace long intrenched incumbents. Then once you accomplish that and they're in office that's when you vote to end all foreign aid.

Rallying people around the idea that we should end all foreign aid is going to be a tough sell right now. People arent ready yet, but I'm pretty sure they are ready for baby steps and this one is an easy one. So use this gift we were just given to make people aware of the evils of foreign aid. Get them to cut a little. Soon they will be ready to cut a lot. Cutting some right now is better than none at all. Rand has said he would in fact like to cut all of it, he just knows it's not a political reality right now. I mean look how hard it was just to get a vote on this "slam dunk, no brainer, are you kidding me?" foreign aid cut. How well do you think the whole kit-n-kaboodle would go over?

You think he should call for that vote anyway? Sure he can throw hail mary's all day if he wanted to but who's going to catch the ball? It's 1 vs 90 right now. Despite that he's still fighting admirably. I mean he just kicked a field goal against incredible odds! For not expecting anything that was pretty amazing. But you're complaining it wasnt a touch down? Sure we'd all like to see that. Even Rand. And yes Rand does understands where the endzone is despite his sometimes questionable methods to get there. We'd all like a touch down, but give the man some credit when it's. If you want touch downs find some more liberty senators to help move the ball down the field. He needs a team. The luke warm, sporadic support he receives from 9 or 10 other senators from time to time isn't nearly enough. Rand needs a real team behind him. You can't blame Rand for that. He's doing what he can. The responsibility belongs to us.