Comment: Thanks. I understand what you mean and I have seen that

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Thanks. I understand what you mean and I have seen that

put into practice. But, the results were usually the opposite of what you conclude. By cutting the debt upfront, the owners get more profit, not the workers who are usually paid less than if they worked for a large outfit.

What you propose should work. But, I've never seen it. Greed still gets the upper hand. (And there are fewer workers in those cases, who do the work of 2 or more in the larger places. So not much job creation there.) Either I'm missing something, or you are right in theory but, not in practice.

BTW, in my neighborhood, the corner dive has gone out of business and the new ones are doing as well as the food they serve and the atmosphere in which they serve it. I couldn't say the same about the hired help, though.

Thank you for your thoughtful explanation. I do appreciate that and voted you up to cancel out the negative vote. (Apparently, someone else doesn't see it happening that way, either.)

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