Comment: Does this make sense?

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Does this make sense?

Why would the Mossad have explosives on 9/11? Were they wiring the buildings on 9/11? Did they think, hey let's plant bombs right after we blow up the WTC? Smart!

Also, Mossad agents wouldn't stand on buildings, take photos and celebrate. Obviously from the Israelis' perspective, they've been dealing with terrorism for decades, and just like their FBI statement says, they thought the United States would now take on terrorism.

If you think this is proof these men were involved in 9/11, you are insane.

The men also appeared on TV. Saying "our purpose was to document the event" refers to them taking still photos after the attacks, not video of the buildings before the planes hit. If you think they'd go out TV and confess prior knowledge to document the event, you are insane.

The Israelis were detained for 10-weeks and then cleared.

The United States and the European Union are the real problems, not Israel. Look at the Secrecy Kills documentary team if you want to understand more about 9/11. Stop promoting lies.