Comment: People are making many

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People are making many

People are making many multiples of what they did in past centuries, or even past decades, in terms of value. They have personal transportation machines, personal communication machines, plumbing, electric light, entertainment boxes in every room....this is all based on innovations that maximize efficiency in resource usage. And each of these luxuries has a vast industry attached to it, meaning that the innovations have created jobs by the million that did not previously exist. The more innovations, the more jobs--and the more incredible, life-improving technology you can buy with your wages, making the actual *value* of your wages much more than you might think of it as at first glance.

The only thing that needs to happen for all the benefits to be felt by everyone is for government to stop distorting the market. That's all. Eliminate government and let the market work, and we'll all live better than any king ever has.