Comment: I love debating this topic.

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I love debating this topic.

The phony war on drugs argument cannot be lost if your on the right side of the argument. You don't even have be a great debater or speaker to win this argument. I have had this debate with so many people and I always walk away feeling happy and confident. The opposing party usually walks away with a weak closing argument like, "well, I just think the war on drugs is necessary because it is." Once you've debunked the usually arguments like, our kids will be safer once all these drugs are off the streets, we are all safer because drug dealers get put in prison, etc, the only argument they have left is, "just because." Disproving their dillusions about us being safer because of this war is just half the battle. The best part is exposing that not only are we not safer because of this war but our safety is actually compromised. Much like we created demand for the MOB in the 20's through prohibition, we now create a demand for drug cartels through the war on drugs.. The drug cartels love this war and if it's good for them than how can it be good for us??

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson