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Non Crisis

How can the Legal Criminals increase their power?

Make peace scarce.

Peaceful people will pay any price to get peace.

How can Legal Criminals make peace scarce?

Use the power flowing to Legal Criminals from Productive People (those who actually make more power out of less power) to commit crime and thereby disturb the peace, and lie about the actual purchases purchased with the power to purchase flowing to the Legal Criminals.

That is fraud, in the first place, such as Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports that Report the Accurate Purchases Purchased with the Purchasing Power sent to the Frauds and Legal Criminals who then Purchase Profitable Investments that just so happen to be Profits that Legal Criminals Gain at the Expense (passing on costs) of the Tax Payers who are FOOLED into "providing the means by which we suffer" because "we" believe the LIES told by the FRAUDS who say that "WE" are Broke when the FRAUDS Publish the Seconds Set of Books known as The Budget.

Why, the Juror demands to know, as the employee, the lawyer, asks, why, why, why did you take part in this fraud Mr. so and so, office holder, who happens to be making a killing off this Fraud in Progress, whereby the Tax Payers think they are paying for peace and they are getting Fraud instead, why, why, why, did you take part in this Fraud, Mr. so and so?

No such thing can happen, because the Frauds wrote the rule book, since, at least, 1788, here in America the land of U.S.A. Inc. (LLC), a Limited Liability Corporation also knowable as a Fascist State, so no such thing as peace is allowed BY LAW.

The victims will pay and they can't even question the fact that they will pay.

Peace is made scarce, and the ultimate FRAUD occurs, this Confidence Scheme, as the Victims are made to believe that they are paying to get peace, when they are actually, and accurately measurably, providing the very means by which they suffer, and this is not NEWS.

This is as old, in this country, as 1776, when Thomas Paine first informed The People about this type of FRAUD, in progress, with his best seller, sold at cost, or even Dumped at below cost price, Common Sense.

People are not getting peace when they keep working harder to pay more to get peace, they are instead getting a greater supply of FALSEHOOD invented, produced, and maintained by the people who PROFIT from investments they make with the Power to Purchase, called Taxes, but that is only ONE WAY the power flows ONE WAY, through that specific Legal Monopoly Criminal Fraud Power called taxes, that does not even begin to count the flow of power through the National Level Counterfeiting Power known as The Federal Reserve.

The People want an accurate, sound, and equitable, or fair, or as good for the goose as is good for the gander, or do unto others as you would have others do onto you MONEY, and instead of getting that peace, they get FRAUD MONEY, which then makes sound money scarce, and people will then do anything, pay any price, to get their Sound Money, and the TRICK is to Fool the Fools into believing the the Criminals are doing all they can do to supply peaceful, moral, sound, accurate, and powerful money to The People, if only The People would just work a little harder each day and pay more Interest to the one group who own the Lender of Last Resort, that Legal Money Monopoly Fraud Power, and that is so simple to see because the actual borrowers are NOT The People as The People earn their OWN good faith and credit, The People are the actual lenders NOT the borrowers, The People are supposedly, according to the Frauds themselves, the source of Credit which becomes, like magic, their Credit and our DEBT.

So easy to see?

How tangled does the web go, when even English (a medium of exchange) has been twisted so far as to make bad good?

Good is not bad?

Up is now down?

What did Henry Ford say, among all the very wise things Henry Ford said, what was said on this subject?

"If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability."

Are diamonds scarce?

Is powerful money scarce?

No, and oil isn't scarce either.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

I don't know Henry, but it looks to me like you had an interest in keeping the fraud going a few days longer.