Comment: I don't think there is a bubble

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I don't think there is a bubble

Real world evidence is all the places now hiring kids and retired people to stand outside a strip mall holding up signs that say "WE BUY GOLD and SILVER"

People that are paying attention know that the entire global economy is being propped up by fiat currencies. Precious metals and other material items are the only way to protect your wealth at this point in history.

And I would keep less than 10% in mining stocks (if that much)...I'd keep the physical metals in a safe protected by a double barrel shotgun.

I've come across quite a few articles recently that indicate some of these mining companies are not even mining any metals...they just keep digging and selling worthless shares. I'm not sure how to figure out who to trust when it comes to dealing with stock brokers anymore. Many of the brokers are being fed lies by their corporate leaders and their bosses. They won't know they have lied to you until the mining company goes tits up.