Comment: What Does That Make You?

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What Does That Make You?

"I can't call myself an atheist because I believe that I am God and believe that everyone else is too.. What does that make me?"

delusional? But really, by the term 'God', you can't possibly mean an all powerful, all knowing, eternal personage, separate and distinct from his creation. You define the term 'God' outside all these parameters that are traditionally distinctive to the various forms of monotheism. By your definition,'God' is simply an ordinary man, temporary, flawed and ultimately quite weak... which simply makes your use of the term 'God' empty and meaningless.

But then a curious thing happens. You apparently believe praying to man is not only okay, but helpful. You also seem to take ordinary flawed and temporary human beings and talk about them possibly knowing some great mysterious truth like you - the truth that they are 'god', which simply means they are just ordinary, unimpressive and destined to be extinguished people. Ah, they didn't know this before? How liberating! LOL!

So to answer your question above, you are an ordinary, run of the mill idolator. And a rather unimpressive one at that.