Comment: What would be awesome is solutions

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What would be awesome is solutions

The solution is not to leave the GOP, and you're right, here on DP many people KNOW what happened. But what many people don't know is what to do about it.

As a long time activist, I learned early on, those who break the rules, or chair committees or events, or NGO,s they KNOW there is a problem, they KNOW what that problem is better than the "whistle blowers" in most cases, and what you find out is that if you do not offer a solution, they will give you one, and it might not be what you like.

So, my suggestion, is this is a great list of problems, but without soklutions, all it does is help the ones who already know the problems get away without any justice for those who were hurt.

I believe the solution is that the GOP is restored to constitutional government by the body. It's doable, unites the new members: Ron Paul RepubliCANs, Tea Paty and Palin Earthquakers, making a stronger GOP that is armed to debate the Democratic Party and it's NWO agenda.