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Comment: So - you disagree that light is faster than sound?

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So - you disagree that light is faster than sound?

I am a fighter against junk science. You and many Truthers are its purveyor.

You say I don't understand science? You think my argument is unsound - unenlightened? So - give me debate - don't give me 'you are a troll or a government agent.' That is chickenshit. Don't pick a fight and run. Stand your ground. I listened to the argument - and now I am fighting it.

Here is the science:

Speed of sound is about 1,000 fps.
Height of plane strike was about 1,000 feet.
Speed of light: just under 1,000,000,000 fps.

So... plane hits - causes generator to blow. 1 second later, they hear the plane hit (these guys are in the basement).

Now, dispute my reasoning.

I'm sorry the guy doesn't understand that light travels faster than sound. But - you want to defend his position and use it as proof of a government conspiracy? Go Ahead. Make an ass of yourself - continue to make the Truther movement look like science dolts.

I don't think you want debate because you have invested/wasted too much time believing crap science from idiots.