Comment: Love to see this expanded and made into a documentary

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Love to see this expanded and made into a documentary

We know the fix was in for Ron Paul from the very start; media blackout of straw-poll victories, biased televised debates, compelling evidence of primary election fraud, delegate selection fraud and the list goes on.

Thanks to the internet however we sit on a historical mountain of proof exposing the widespread corruption that took place this last election cycle. We've got the goods on them! All we need is to consolidate and present it in a way that the average citizen can easily digest.

If I had the persona, talent and resources of Ben Swann I'd do it myself. After all I believe it should convey a certain level of professionalism. What I can offer however is some contribution and research time towards the cause.

Using Ron Paul as the test case I believe the objective should expose all Americans to the left-right paradigm, designed to promote a false choice through vetted candidates, while eliminating any competition that doesn't fit the establishment narrative.

To accomplish this...

- I feel strongly that the documentary should be very sensitive to audience predisposed beliefs if it hopes to accomplish wide viewership. Liberty minded people should NOT be the target audience since we're already awake.

- It should steer clear of Ron Paul's positions. All opinions of his policies or him as a person are irrelevant and should not justify any fraud or unfair treatment. Conveying this message is key.

- It should be fact based with proof. Any speculation should be presented as such with supporting evidence leaving behind all reasonable doubt.


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