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Comment: Generators don't "blow up"

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Generators don't "blow up"

There's nothing explosive in them. They do blow apart after extreme heating caused by overloading. What stops overloading? Well, just like in your house, there are circuit breakers. An overload in the building would have to last for a long time (minutes) and would have to remain under the breaker's rating (say 14.9 amps for a 15 amp breaker) AND have to encompass many overloaded end circuits because it would take thousands of amps to do this. There's also sub-panel breakers that have lower limits than the total of all the end breakers. Then there's main breakers with even smaller aggregate totals. All in all, it's just not possible. The only way that generators do blow is because of a mechanical failure inside that generator or in the wires between it and the main breakers. Those wires would only be a dozen or so feet long, e.g. in the basement.

But, you wanted a debate so I'll give you one you simply cannot dispel with any official theory. What melted the molten steel that we see pouring from the damaged floors in the videos? To save time, I'll offer some proven facts. Steel melts (not referring to weakening it), at 2900 degrees F. Jet fuel, aka kerosene, burns at 750, 1300 or 1800, depending on if it is oxygen starved (like the 911 fires), oxygen balanced, or forced-air-induced (think blast furnace). This is why we use coal in blast furnaces to melt steel. No other 'fuel' works well. Also, office fires are lower temps. Simply, there's exactly zero sources physically capable of melting steel in this scenario. Numerous reports have been verified that show so much steel melted in the rubble that it remained molten for 6 weeks afterward. That quantity of steel would take the energy of 100 buildings falling (if that COULD magically be converted into metal melting heat) or it would take the energy of dozens of planes' fuel loads (again assuming magic melting capabilities).

The only credible possibility is nano-structured super thermite. That substance is only available from the US military, is easy to test for and has been found by those tests to be present in every dust sample.

To use that to down a building, one would need weeks of effort to strip the insulation from the support beams and paint this chemical on the steel beams. Many accounts report secret, night work crews doing just that on cordoned off floors in the weeks prior. ..and the whole building reported insulation dust coming from the air vents for those weeks also. To do that, one only needs control of the building's security system. Marvin Bush heads the company that runs WTC security.