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Cruise Ship Flags of

Cruise Ship Flags of Registry.

28/03/2011 2 Comments

Flag: The merchant ensign of the Bahamas is prominent.

At one time, passenger ships were registered in their country of operation, but those days are long gone. As far back as 1922, William Harriman registered the ex-German Reliance and Resolute under the flag of Panama and, among other things, operated world cruises with them. The chief reason for doing this was to avoid Prohibition as these two ships were at the time American-owned.

In 1948, Edward Stettinius, former Secretary of State under President Franklin D Roosevelt, founded the Liberian registry. Later followed others such as the Bahamian and Bermudian registers and more recently, Malta and Portugal. Meanwhile, a number of countries, particularly Italy and the Netherlands, have seen cruise ships return to their native registries. To-day, for something a little different, we have a look at cruise ship flags if registry.

This chart shows numbers cruise ships & their registered country flag.

Cunard Drops Union Jack to Avoid British Labor Laws
October 20, 2011

Cunard's three cruise ships, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, will no longer fly the Union Jack.

After 171 years of flying the Union Jack with Southampton painted on the stern, Cunard's cruise ships will now be registered in Bermuda and will bear the name Hamilton - Bermuda's capital.

U.S. shipyards now build only 1 percent of the world's large commercial vessels.

There is now a bill (article written 2011) which has been introduced to amend the law to allow foreign-flag cruise ships to operate in the coast wise trade of the United States. It was introduced by Representative Blake Farenthold (R-TX) and co-sponsored by Ron Paul. Representative Farenhold believes that opening up coastal trade to all cruise ships will result in more cruise ships sailing from one US port to another and the US and Texas would benefit economically.

If you are going on a cruise, here is a site to see. They record information on cruise ships: owner, captain, registry, insurance, etc.

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