Comment: Dickens was a great author,

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Dickens was a great author,

Dickens was a great author, no doubt brilliant beautiful stories. That being said... It was many of Dickens' books that helped spark the progressive movement and government regulation and control. Like in "A Christmas Carol"... Scrooge famously asks the starving child "Are there no workhouses? no private charities" etc... Same in Oliver Twist when he asked the fat healthy man for some more gruel and he hits him over the head with a ladle... As I said before, the stories are great, but it moved many people to lobby the government for greater amounts of welfare. It was during the industrial age. We were going through some growing pains and Dickens' books were extremely influential during his time. You can draw parallels today with say James Cameron's "Avatar" in promoting a green energy culture and a poke at American colonialism. Agree with it or not, love it or hate it, it's the message that he's sending and Dickens did the same thing, but with obviously more impact and influence than James Cameron...